Monday, April 2, 2007

Task 9 Google Docs

Google docs is a newer venture that eliminates the need to carry files froom one computer to the next, as long as there is a computer around all is well.

This google tool can do wonders for libraries, not only will formatting not be lost over e-mails or switching from one computer to the next, the size should not be a problem either. There are limits to the amount of info sent through emails, this eliminates that need because everything will be accessible through the internet. It is a great idea and another alternative way for libraries to share information and collaborate without venturing out of their respective districts. Library users can also save documents to the internet without some type of removable drive. It eliminates the need for libraries to offer disks and other types of removable storage drives, this way the system is not threatned by outside viruses and such. It should be an option because of the availibility and ease of use for all library patrons.

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