Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Task 8 Youtube Extravaganza

My username on Youtube is jssabol. Youtube is very entertaining as well as informative, you can find everything on this video sharing website. There are up-to-date T.V. programs, movie trailers, news and a plethora of others.
The experience was eye opening, realizing that there are so many people willing to share their lives with perfect strangers. This site is popular because you can find videos on everything, music news, T.V. programs and personals. It gives people a form they never had, sharing their lives across the Internet. It basically has it all, personals, music, news, programming and especially people doing stupid things. All in all Youtube is a great way to share opinions as well as philosophies.
Libraries could set up groups with other libraries, sharing workshop videos or just day to day activities. They could also advertise with witty videos made by volunteers or patrons. When left to it I believe you can find something useful in most things, and youtube is no exception. Libraries will find ways to use the service whether it is advertising or simply sharing ideas across library districts, there will be a use for this service.

Young Americans Clip 1

Youtube posting with the Video I watched. It is about the Iraq War and a new documentary that is comiing out.

Task 7 Debunking Wikipedia

My username is Jssabol and I added a little bit to the Annex sub heading.

Wiki's are very informative and seem to have entries on anything one could think of. Unfortunately it is open to everyone, even those with false or misleading information. This become a problem because there are so many entries that it takes time to edit and proof everyone so you aren't receiving bad information. This is a huge problem, people get their information from here everyday, the possibility that it could be wrong is obscene, but that is to be expected from this type of encyclopedia. Fortunately there are people who check the site, and being able to add information is amazing. Wikipedia is new and imporoving at every turn, but I can't get past the fact that anyone can change entries without regard for the truth.

AIM Instant Messaging Task 6

I only recieved the reply PVLD2007 is no longer signed on.
I hope I did this correctly, but I doubt it.
Instant Messaging is a fun way to contact people when you know they are online, the system doen'twork if no one is logged on.
I believe that instant messaging is something that is more of a recreational tool with little draw for incorporation into a work setting. It is something that could be used as alternative communication to emails, but you have to be logged on.

Flickr link to Cabo

cabo2007 025
Originally uploaded by azzale13.
This is a great view of the expanded harbor, Cabo has blown up in the last ten years, I remeber when you could still see the hills.

Task 5 Flickr Fun

I opened an account on Flickr and instantly realized how massive the photosharing world is. Looking through the options and everything that is available was overwhelming but I can see how people can get sucked in.

4. Why is tagging so important?
Tagging is important because it is one of the ways to find photos, you can tag your picture with whatever phrase or description you like. If you don't use the right tags everyone may miss your photos, tags become very important when looking for photos.
5. What is your favoirte feature on Flickr?
My favorite feature has to be the map functions. You can place your photos on the geographic locations from which they where taken. It is pretty cool because you can see where everyone was when they took their photos. i think it is a great way to explore what others have been doing or what they do in their hometowns.
6. Check out the user groups... what is an online community?
The groups on flickr range from A to Z from surfers to artists to professional photographers. These groups chat, share photos, stories anything that a group of people would do at a social gathering, Flickr merely allows them to meet online and across the world. Online communities are growing, it is becoming a way to voice opinions and bolster numbers among organizations. These communities become very diverse and able to reach the entire world making online groups a growing phenomonon that has numerous benefits and little drawback.

Task 4 Digital Photography

As you can see I have already posted several pictures from my winter vacation. I caught a stripped marlin that weighed over 160 lbs. I let the fish go but it was an amazing experiance. I also posted a picture from 2 years ago at a friends art show, I can't wait for my hair to get back to its rightful lenght.

RSS feeds with NewsGator

Instead of going with bloglines, I went with the NewsGator service, I have been using it for awhile and them seem to be fairly similar. I was able to get news, sports, new technology, surf reports and all without going to separate websites. The RSS technology serves a vital purpose, by condensing and making the information available without traveling to different sites. It eliminates unnessesary searching, and if you find feeds that are put together with what your are looking for it strenghtens the service. RSS is a technology that can keep libraries on their toes when it comes to quick reference questions or as a time saving tool that everyone can use.
NewsGator Today

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Web 2.0 project

I am finally ready to finish the 10 tasks that I started so long ago. I have already subscribed to gmail, jssabol@gmail.com, and have tested my blog, it looks good but full of information it will look even better!