Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Task 8 Youtube Extravaganza

My username on Youtube is jssabol. Youtube is very entertaining as well as informative, you can find everything on this video sharing website. There are up-to-date T.V. programs, movie trailers, news and a plethora of others.
The experience was eye opening, realizing that there are so many people willing to share their lives with perfect strangers. This site is popular because you can find videos on everything, music news, T.V. programs and personals. It gives people a form they never had, sharing their lives across the Internet. It basically has it all, personals, music, news, programming and especially people doing stupid things. All in all Youtube is a great way to share opinions as well as philosophies.
Libraries could set up groups with other libraries, sharing workshop videos or just day to day activities. They could also advertise with witty videos made by volunteers or patrons. When left to it I believe you can find something useful in most things, and youtube is no exception. Libraries will find ways to use the service whether it is advertising or simply sharing ideas across library districts, there will be a use for this service.

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