Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Task 5 Flickr Fun

I opened an account on Flickr and instantly realized how massive the photosharing world is. Looking through the options and everything that is available was overwhelming but I can see how people can get sucked in.

4. Why is tagging so important?
Tagging is important because it is one of the ways to find photos, you can tag your picture with whatever phrase or description you like. If you don't use the right tags everyone may miss your photos, tags become very important when looking for photos.
5. What is your favoirte feature on Flickr?
My favorite feature has to be the map functions. You can place your photos on the geographic locations from which they where taken. It is pretty cool because you can see where everyone was when they took their photos. i think it is a great way to explore what others have been doing or what they do in their hometowns.
6. Check out the user groups... what is an online community?
The groups on flickr range from A to Z from surfers to artists to professional photographers. These groups chat, share photos, stories anything that a group of people would do at a social gathering, Flickr merely allows them to meet online and across the world. Online communities are growing, it is becoming a way to voice opinions and bolster numbers among organizations. These communities become very diverse and able to reach the entire world making online groups a growing phenomonon that has numerous benefits and little drawback.

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